Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Has weather ever made you change your plans when you travel?  D H and I always go prepared for any circumstance.  When we travel in the winter we layer up.  Even in the summer it seems we need to be prepared for hot as well as cold and of course rain or snow.  It is always easier to dress warmer rather than trying to dress less for the extreme heat.

We are visiting our daughter in Charleston and our stay has been affected by tropical storm Beryl.  Even though it is not hurricane strength she has brought wind and rain.  We are afraid to attempt too many outdoor activities with the grandchildren just i case. The boys are especially active and are great climbers.  Yesterday we used old blankets to create a camping experience inside the house. The fall back of course is TV and computers.  L, our oldest grandson actually had 2 i pads on the go.

The fall back is a trip to the mall.  It can get a little expensive if you’re not careful.  The mall here does have a Train display which kept L occupied for quite a while.  What is about trains going round and round.  All of our grandchildren have a Thomas the train set.  Even I have one.

The best laid plans of mice and men however a back-up is always needed.  Don’t forget to have a plan C and D as well. Hope your travel plans work out well.