Saturday, May 12, 2012



It is time to round up the week and show how satisfactory our week was.  I want to call this “Volunteer Week”.  One of the advantages of being retired is that we have time on our hands. We are able to do things that we could not do while we working.

As I mentioned in my Thriving Thursday post D H and I helped out at a presentation about Mental Health.  This very dear to our hearts as both D H and I as well as other family members have had our times with mental health.  Now that the stress is off us because we don’t work we find our mental and physical  health to be much improved.

Depression and feeling sorry for ourselves can be devastating.  I have even found retirees to suffer.  The worst is when it hits young people who have not yet managed to find the coping skills needed to overcome these feelings.  Young people need to speak out and we need to listen.  Please visit to find out more about Sasha’s story and why it is important to stop the stigma.

We also supported Variety Village this week by eating pizza during a fundraising promotion.  We actually walked to the farthest Pizza Nova so we get our exercise as well.

Finally D H was volunteered by our son M.  His company had a volunteer day and M was asked to help a neighbour fix small things around her house.  he was given the task of changing a light bulb.  The job required more electrical work so dear Dad was called in to help.  He had the tools and more understanding so the neighbour in question now has a working light.

When you think about retiring many people wonder how they will fill their time since work has been the dominate time consumer.  Trust me between our family and friends we are keeping so busy.  D H  and i are very satisfied that we made this choice to leave the workforce.  We have not left the hustle and bustle behind we have just changed our focus.

We also have time to enjoy the world around us and since D H has his new camera I will show some of the pictured he had time to take this week.  Enjoy your weekend and take time to smell the flowers.