Thursday, May 17, 2012



A midweek check-up to make sure we are still retired and not tired.  I have to say this has been a busy week.  It all started on Sunday with our road trip to see my mother for Mother’s Day.  The good news is lunch was served buffet style and I ate so much I didn’t need dinner and popcorn snack doesn’t count.

Monday was my retiree meeting with my friend R in the west end of the city.  Pizza was on the menu for lunch.  It was great catching up with R and her family.  As well as seeing the other retirees that I have worked with.  We have one more meeting in June and then a break for the summer.

Tuesday was our retiree meeting with the Scarborough bunch.  Lunch was a buffet at the Mandarin Chinese Restaurant.  Again we did not need dinner although we had a sandwich. This was the last meeting until September/

Wednesday was another retiree meeting with Bell Pensioners Group.  This meeting included lunch.  It takes a more financial view of retirement and protects our rights as pensioners. Again wonderful information and met lots of former Bell employees.

As you can see there has been a trend this week.  Lots of lunches.  D H and I will really have to step up our walking or I will never fit into my close for our cruise which is only 62 days away.

This has been another busy week but we are thriving and definitely not missing work. Hope your week is as busy.