Tuesday, May 15, 2012



I have some question for my readers.  When you consider travelling do you think of long trips or short ones?  How do you travel: by car or bus or boat or train or plane?  Do you plan or are they spontaneous?


This weekend D H and I drove with our daughter C for 5 hours to see my mother for Mother’s Day.  D H and I took turn driving and the other napped.  Fortunately there were service centres along the way where we could stop for bathroom breaks and change drivers. We had a wonderful lunch and a great visit with my mother and father.  Mother was pleased with her gifts.

It was good day to travel and we started early.  We had to set the alarm to get up.  This may sound strange however one of the perks of being retired is that the alarm clock is turned off. C was ready for pick-up and she came set with her Ipod and Kindle. We were sorry her husband P worked late and was unable to join us.

After spending the lunch time and the afternoon catching up Mom we drove back home.  So we drove for 5 hours up, spent about 4 hours with my parents and drove home again.

So whether it is a long or short day trip we are always on the go.

I don’t have any pictures to show as D H forgot to take his camera.