Thursday, May 31, 2012



Today is a very special day in our thriving family.  Our oldest granddaughter is graduating from Grade 8 to day.  She is looking very grown-up with her updo and sea green dress. She has grown up way too fast.  Where is the little girl who came to our family in a very special way.  I remember her first Christmas when we hunted all over the city for a hoola hoop.  Apparently toy stores only stocked them for the summer and we were  looking in the winter.  We finally found an exclusive Toy store who went to their basement stock.  We also learned that hoops come in many sizes.

R also entertained us on a trip home to her parents as she planned a vacation for Grampy and I.  She included 5 star hotels and a special spa day for the girls. Poor Grampy couldn’t remember anything. Before we became Grammy and Grampy we were called Judy-lady and Fred-man.

It is our pleasure to watch R become a young lady.  We wish her well in her future endeavours and look forward to many more graduations.


I am sure our thriving family will have many more graduations and this is just the first.  Congratulations R. With love from Grammy and Grampy.