Saturday, August 18, 2012



The trip is coming to an end.  We are laving our home away from home after 35 days. We are saying farewell to the fabulous staff who have taken care of every need.  The room stewards who made our bed every morning.  They cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed morning and night.  They turned down our beds and gave us 2 pieces of chocolate on our pillows.  They made wonderful towel animals that kept us company as well.  They worked very hard and always had a pleasant smile and a willingness to joke with us.

We are saying goodbye to the staff in the Lido restaurant who made our coffee every morning.  They served us our fresh squeezed orange juice as well as oatmeal and cream of wheat.  There was always bacon and french toast as well.  The food tasted great because it was served with love and smiles.

We say adieu to the bar staff who served us ice water by the pool as well as while we were dancing.

Adieu to the staff in the Rotterdam Dining Room who provided elegant service at dinner which we shared with our new friends from Wisconson and Texas. It was a pleasure to meet every night and share our days with them.

To all of the people we met while dancing, while playing cards, while exercising and just walking about we thank them for making this trip an adventure as well as memorable.

And finally to the crew who kept us safe and entertained we thank you too. Until we meet again on a few cruise.

Here is our home away from home:




Overall it was a most satisfactory cruise and we look forward to our next one in February.