Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Sadly we are nearing the end of our cruise. It has been an amazing voyage.  One of the best parts has the been the care taken by the captain and crew for our safety. We have travelled in the Atlantic Ocean from Boston to Europe and back.  We’ve had calm seas and many rough seas. 

We have missed a few ports because of unsafe conditions.  We missed Red Bay Labrador because of fog and ice bergs.  It was the same for Greenland. We outran a major gale to arrive in Iceland ahead of schedule. We added the port of Molde, Norway to make up for it.  On our way back we were able to catch up and visit Prince Christian Sound on a gorgeous sunny day.

Now we are missing St Anthony’s Nfld because of high swells which would make tendering impossible. To make up for it we are going to spend extra time in St John’s.

The rocking and rolling of the ship have made it difficult to dance however the sleeping is great.  Just like a baby sleeping in a cradle.  Fortunately I have managed to maintain my stomach and not be seasick.


This is what the pool looked like during the rough seas.


The sun set before a storm.


A calm sea.