Tuesday, August 7, 2012



We made the right decision when we took this cruise.  It has been exciting and full of fun.  We are seeing fabulous ports of call and enjoying the activities on the ship itself. We are getting lots of dancing in at 2 venues.  We dance to a live band in the Ocean Bar and to a DJ in the Crow’s Nest.

Last night was the Captain’s Black and White ball.  All of the crew were dressed in their white uniforms and came up to dance with the guests.  I danced with a junior officer who is learning navigation and D H danced with the nurse.


I am also participating in the Aqua aerobics and the “sit and be fit”.  I don’t think I am losing any wait however I am not in any pain in either my knees or arms. D H is participating in the cruise activities such as Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe and Golf putting.  We have won medals as well as 2 cups.



We are going to be sorry when this cruise ends however in the meantime we will continue to make memories and take pictures.