Sunday, August 5, 2012



This is the third week we have been on the ship and our adventures continue.  We have visited Amsterdam, Southampton and Plymouth England and are staying overnight in Dublin.

Amsterdam lived up to its reputation as being a beautiful city.  The canals are full of riverboats cruising up and down.  There are tourists everywhere.  They are distinguished by the maps they carry and the cameras hanging around their necks. We saw some very interesting shops during our walk around the shopping district. It rained the first day however it was sunny and warm the second day. We look forward to coming back.

There is a lot of history in England.  In Southampton we walked the old sea wall and the QE mile. D H got some wonderful pictures. Plymouth was our favourite stop because we met up with a dear friend who I taught school with 36 years ago.  We have kept in touch the whole time.  The last time we had a visit was 20 years ago when they came to  Canada.  We laughed and reminisced.  We also walked the medieval town of Tavistock.

Through rough seas and a rocking ship we made it to Dublin.  It is a bank holiday so there were lots of people walking about.  We got caught in a Zombie parade which held up traffic in the city centre.  We came back to the ship where we had an Irish concert with singing and wonderful dancing. We feel very welcome in Ireland.

This is a once in a lifetime cruise and we are delighted to be able to travel this way. We will be sad to return to normal life however we have 2 more weeks of this cruise and plan to enjoy every moment of it.