Thursday, August 30, 2012



My apologies for delivering my blog so late in the day.  I got in trouble from my daughter as well as my mother for being late.  My excuse can be found in the name of my blog.  I am retired however I am not tired yet.

Yesterday we were away from home.  We travelled north to Grand Bend which is near Goderich on the Lake Huron coast.  We saw a play “Johnny and June” which is part of our series this summer.  I thought it was wonderful.  The music was Johnny Cash’s songs with June Carter, his wife, singing with him.  The first act was set in Folsom Prison where he actually recorded an album. The second act was a retrospective of his life with June.

The musical director is the same one who worked on the adaptation of Elvis in “Blue Suede Shoes”.  The actor who played Johnny is an unknown.  He had an excellent voice and almost sounded like Johnny. It was his debut performance with the Drayton Festival Theatre.  Let’[s hope we see more of him.  The actress who played June was also new.  It was her first time with the theatre group as well.

Besides being busy away from home I am also busy at home.  I have picked up the knitting needles and I am making funky socks for the grandchildren.  I was inspired by the knitting ladies on our last cruise. Good thing I did not thow away my patterns or knitting needles.  It is like riding a bike, I haven’t forgotten how to knit on 4 needles.

Stop by tomorrow for 5 question Friday and hopefully I will find a little more time for blogging.