Thursday, August 23, 2012



It is hard to get back into the real world after having been on a fabulous cruise.  We miss the care as we had people prepare our meals.  The beds were made and the rooms were cleaned every day.  In the real world we have to do it ourselves.

We also got used to the activity on the ship.  We talked to people every where. There was lots of social interaction which is hard to find at home. It is definitely a close community. We could be as busy or as relaxed as we wanted to. At home we are getting back into a quieter routine.  We don’t see our neighbours as often because they still work.

We are catching up slowly but surely.  In the meantime we are glad to share our experiences so here are a few more.


I miss the interaction with the librarian and the book club she organized.


Our future cruise director who is giving us new dreams and helping us make them a reality.


The sales clerk who chatted with us every day even when we didn’t buy anything.

Thank you all for making our trip more enjoyable and look forward to meeting you again.