Sunday, August 12, 2012


Prince Christian Sound

Today we woke up early as the time changes have caught up to us. In fact we had to wait close to an hour before breakfast was served. The day started out with blue skies so we knew that we were going to go through Prince Christian Sound barring any unforeseen complications.

We had our appreciation luncheon in the dining room and shortly after that I was encased in my warm coat, toque and gloves on the front rail of the ship as we entered the fjord like channel. The narrow passage twists between the mainland and large islands on the southeast end of Greenland and in some places is only twice as wide as the ship. What a sight! Mountains soaring up to 4000 feet high on both sides of us, glaciers dipping to the water and waterfalls everywhere. I tried to take pictures every which way but there was no way to capture the grandeur of the passage.

Well, the early start for the day and the constant clambering around the ship in the stiff winds to take pictures took its toll and I am now going to bed and its only 8:30.

Tomorrow: Qaqortoq, Greenland