Thursday, August 16, 2012


St. Johns

We woke up to a breezy and rainy day, not ideal weather to venture up to Signal Hill and the embattlements. Consequently, we just wandered about the downtown, checking out some of the stores and remarking on the changes that we noticed since we were here last. We did see the Terry Fox Monument at Mile 0 and followed the historical harbour walk.

Once on board we basically relaxed until sailaway at 3:00. It was great to pass through the Narrows with lots of onlookers waving at us from Signal Hill and a 3 Gun Salute from the cannons. Of course the ship answered with a long blast from the fog horn. The combination of the cannon blasts and fog horn roused up the local sea bird population and their raucous protest lasted quite a while.

Tomorrow is a sea day.