Sunday, August 5, 2012


On to Dublin

We spent a leisurely morning as we neared Dublin. Overnight we had gone through some very rough seas so the calmer water as we neared port was appreciated. Especially since the show band put on a special sail in performance in the Crows Nest dance floor.

We were assigned to dock beside Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth.What a beautiful ship. It is twice as big as the Maasdam but it is built along the classic lines of a cruise ship unlike some of the behemoths that travel in the Caribbean ( apartment blocks built over the hull ).

The city of Dublin provided free shuttle service to the city centre. We wandered around the very crowded streets – this being Saturday of a holiday long weekend. The pedestrian shopping street was also full of street performers and buskers and made for a colourful kaleidoscope of people. As we wandered around we also noticed that a lot of the young people were made up as zombies and as we exited the tourist information building the whole central  core was at a standstill as the young people had coalesced and had formed a zombies’ parade. Unfortunately the crowd watching the parade was too thick for us to see what was happening so we skirted around to the outside and returned to the pick up point for the shuttle.

This evening the show band put on another performance in the Crows Nest and we danced until just after 9:00 when we moved down to the Show Lounge where a local Irish Show Group called Ceiliuradh gave a performance of song and dance.

Tomorrow: more Dublin