Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The town was still asleep when ventured ashore at 9:30. Most of the stores did not open until 11:00 and traffic was almost non existent. We wandered through the streets and noticed that a lot of the houses had roofs with grass growing on them. Unfortunately it was too early to see how the residents actually mowed their lawns.

We followed a stream up in a park for a bit, found the shopping mall , strolled through some side  streets and found a look out point to take some pictures. From there we saw the remains of an old fort below us so went down to explore it. The fort was built around 1580  but fell into disrepair until the Napoleonic wars when it was refurbished and now has long been abandoned and is in ruins . Torshavn was an important garrison town for the British Navy in WWII but the fort was only used for gun placements.

After the fort we just wandered back to the ship and relaxed on board for the rest of the day'.

Tomorrow: Seydisfjordur, Iceland