Tuesday, August 28, 2012



A good trip is only as good as the planning.  We have some small day trips in the next few weeks. Our usual theatre trips as well as a trip to see my parents.  We will celebrate my mother’s birthday.

Our next big trip will be to Charleston in October.  We now have the dates and are making plans.  This trip may go down as a family trip since my daughter and my sister want to come with us.  The purpose of the trip was to help H and her family while W is away at a conference in Germany. It now appears that it will be a touring trip as well.

That is no problem since H loves to show off her city.  We also love the many attractions that are offered in the great city of Charleston.  We personally have done most of them on our many visits and will be delighted to see them again through new eyes.  Our grandson E will be delighted to help us as well.

It always amazes me that we can be flexible and accept the challenges of travelling any where, any time.