Friday, August 3, 2012



We spent the morning on the ship basically relaxing. After lunch we left to explore the city, at least the old part . We followed he old sea wall and learned a lot about the city through the interpretive signs on the wall, gates and some remaining buildings. We did walk briefly through an outdoor shopping area before connecting back into the inner old city.

Before heading back to the ship, we walked along High Street following the QE2 mile. Embedded in the sidewalk were inscribed plates which chronologically outlined the important dates for the city.By this time we were walked out and headed back to the ship.

We needed a rest because after dinner the show band played a live set up in the Crows nest and we danced to everything other than a couple of Disco songs. After the band finished, Brad the DJ hosted a 50’s & 60’s sock hop and we didn’t get to bed until after 11. Consequently, this post is being written this morning and will be published later.

Currently we are in the outer harbour of Plymouth waiting for a ferry to depart so we can dock. Dear wife is anxious as we are to meet an old friend.