Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VOV31 & 32

Great Big Sea

No, not the band although they hail from Newfoundland.We have missed another port. Yesterday was another sea day and everything was going fine until the captain got on the P A to make an announcement.It is always bad news when he does this. This time he announced that there were storm warnings around St. Anthony and the seas would be too rough to tender in so we would be heading directly to St. Johns. In essence today was basically another sea day but by missing St. Anthony we arrived at 5:00 PM and will overnight here.

At 4:00 the show band played a sail in set at the Crows Nest for an hour and we danced of course. After dinner dear wife managed to call her mother and check up on her as she has been in ill health for most of the time we have been cruising. Thank goodness for free long distance in Canada.

At 9:00 the show band played again up in the Crows Nest but this time it was ballroom dance music. For the first half hour it was just practice and the last half hour it was a dance competition. The ballroom dances were Cha Cha, Waltz, Fox Trot and Free Style. DW and I had a great time dancing the three ballroom dances and cheered on the winners of each. The free style turned out to be the Twist and we managed to be co winners in this category so my record is intact. However we felt that another couple on the dance floor deserved the prize. The female partner had wrecked her knee and basically gets around on a wheel chair but she was standing up a twisting as best she could and we gave our prize to her.

Tomorrow we will get off the ship and wander about. We have been here before and will probably be back some time again so we have no great plans ( except maybe to slide over to the Quidi Vidi brewery to sample their beer. )