Thursday, January 3, 2013



Pondering with a Purpose - Time flies


Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose -

This is Brenda's weekly hop where she posts a prompt and you get to write to it on your - come back here and add it to her linky and then we all get to go read what you wrote!

She started Pondering with a Purpose because -- simply put -- She's a writer - - that is what she does ! And although I love following all the hops, I wanted to see if I could bring out some creativity in not only myself, but some of my blogger friends as well.

This Week's prompt: time

Do you seem to think that time is flying by? Obviously when we are the middle of a crisis or a tough situation it seems to be creeping and crawling.... that's not what I'm talking about... I'm talking about time as a whole...

Time is one of those elements that just keeps on ticking.  Make time for the important things in life. As a child time was used to grow up. When you are a teenager you want to be an adult. As an adult you want to get married and have a family. As a mother I wanted a baby. Once the babies came it was time to send them to school. Then it was get the children married off and have grandchildren.

Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. The more years we have the more time we can spend pondering. I have often played the “What if?” game. Would we be in the same place if we had made different choices?

How we use time is also important. Do you use time to keep a house clean, play with children, read books, create something, visit with friends or go for a walk? Should we let things like work get in the way of our time?

Looking back on nearly 61 years I think time has flown by. I have seen the changes in myself and in the people around me. However I now looking forward and can hardly wait for time to catch up to my dreams.

What will time be like in another 60 years?