Friday, January 10, 2014




Feeling Beachie 



This week’s co-host is SUSI from BOCA FRAU she who came up with the last statement.

The statements:

  1. I have been a hibernating bear so if I haven’t been outside. I don’t know what is happening in our neighbourhood.
  2. I don’t like all this freezing cold weather. 
  3. I easily can get inspired in something I have seen on the blogs.
  4. I never thought, I would miss work after I retired and I don’t.

This has been a crazy week. With the freezing temperatures I have stayed cooped up in the house. I finally went out yesterday for 2 reasons. The first was to have my car tires checked and an oil change while I was there. The low pressure light kept coming on. I learned that as the air got colder the pressure actually drops in your tires however I did have a rim leak in the front tire. Al, my go to guy cleaned it up for me.

The other reason was a sadder one. Our neighbour down the street lost his battle with cancer. We attended his memorial service yesterday afternoon. He lived on our street for more than 10 years. He leaves behind his beautiful wife and his 2 gorgeous daughters. The younger daughter played with our oldest granddaughter when she was little. I remember on one occasion they had a tea party with my good china. We said hi and how are you often however we knew very little about him. It is sad to learn about a wonderful person after he has gone.

Hopefully the weather will improve this weekend. It is supposed to get above freezing. There is rain in the forecast with the possibility of flooding. From one extreme to the other.

Thanks to Hilary and Mrs. 4444 for sharing their blog ideas.