Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Everyday Ruralty








  1. How many seed catalogs have arrived at you home? I don’t do seed catalogs however I receive a yarn magazine nearly every month.
  2. Will you be learning to do something new this year? Yes! I am taking lessons in West Coast Swing.
  3. How many pair of boot do you own?(This can include casual, dressy, hiking, farm, riding, snow, or any other kind of boot.) I own 6 pairs of boots – 2 walking shoes (black and white), dress boots with a little heal and 2 pair of snow boots.
  4. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. There are decorations in the stores. Do you have anything planned for Valentine's Day? I no longer decorate for Valentine’s Day. It has always been a low key celebration for us. When the children were little we made heart shaped fudge. Dinner is usually a steak and baked potato.
  5. Please tell me your favorite breeds of dogs. If you don't like dogs, tell me something about a favorite animal. (Please. :) I don’t have a dog however my son has a husky and she is lovely so I would have to say husky.

Tuesday, January 21st/14
Complete the following:
"I would like to see ____________ trend disappear in 2014."

I have never been much of a trend-setter. I was never into fashion. I prefer my clothes to be comfortable and because I live in Canada they need to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have given up high-heels since I don’t go to work. I also have a closet full of skirts I never wear because I dislike panty hose.

I have a cell phone for emergencies so I don’t text. I use the computer to write my blog and send e-mails instead of writing letters like I used to. I listen to a Jazz radio station so I have no idea what the latest music is. I dance to the oldies because I ballroom dance.

My grandchildren are too young or too far away for me to find out what the latest trends are for the teenagers. I do hope that they stay away from smoking and drinking and stay in school.

I am not into fancy food or even organic food. Give me plain homemade food and I am happy. I love my coffee and my tea however I don’t go in for the fancy teas or coffees. No latte for me, thanks.

I am hoping that homemade sweaters come back into fashion so my grandchildren won’t seem out of place because I love making them.

Have a great week! This message has been approved by a non-trendy grandmother.