Friday, June 15, 2012



It's that time of the week again... time to share 5 things for Five Question Friday:


1. Would you grow your hair out to donate it?

Yes I would however since the hair has to be untreated mine wouldn’t qualify – as they say “Only my hairdresser knows for sure”.  My father often ask me where I inherited my red hair?

2. What song makes you think of summer?

Sunshine, lollipops and roses.

3. Are you a flip flops or sandals kind of person?

I am sandals kind of person because I can’t stand anything between my toes.

4. Favourite summer treat (ie ice cream, snow cones, etc)?

All of the above although I love my ice cream with either chocolate or caramel sauce.

5. Do you do something special for the father of your children on Fathers day?

I used to when the kids were little however they have children of their own.  I did spend last Sunday with my father.  We drove 4 1/2 hours to have lunch and then drove home on the same day.