Thursday, June 28, 2012



Who would have thought that a retired person could be so busy.  Time seems to be moving faster than when I used to go to work.  Every day is filled with activities especially since the family is around this year.  H and her family are keeping us young and very active.  Where do our grandchildren get so much energy?  How is it that they require so little sleep?

Our days are filled with laughter at the antics that they come up with.  Our youngest grandson gets this gleam in his eyes and you know that mischief is in his heart.  He loves to play chase. We just Get on mark and GO and he is gone.

Everything is new and puzzling.  How does this work? Where does this come from? How can I get closer to it? What can  I do with it.

Grammy and Grampy love our family however with only 11 days until we leave on our trip our anticipation is growing.  We will start to pack next week.

I hope keeps as busy as we are and that your family is thriving like ours.