Saturday, June 30, 2012



D H and I are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary today. We have come a long way together. We have 3 amazing children, 2 wonderful son-in-laws and a gorgeous daughter-in-law. They have given us 5 fabulous grandchildren.

We have had our ups and downs like every other couple but have grown together. We share our love of dancing, travel and family. This year we are having a quiet celebration with our friends.  We are in cottage country and are taking in 2 plays.  Yesterday we reminisced by watching “Big Band Legends”.  We heard songs that were popular when we were dating. We even knew the words.

Next year we plan to cruise in Europe to celebrate 40 years. So when we finish our cruise this summer we can start our countdown for the next one.

My father said it wouldn’t last and kept looking for my suitcase every time I came home in the first year I was married.  However we come from a long line of forever married couples who set an excellent example for us.  My grandparents were married more than 60 years and my parents have celebrated 63 years.  D H’s parents were married nearly 40 years as well.

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All my love!!