Monday, June 25, 2012



As I have mentioned in my blog on Monday D H and I travelled across the border to the United States.  We took our son-in-law Wayne to the Buffalo airport for a flight to Baltimore. We left Toronto in lots of time and enjoyed a straight trip down the QEW.  We met a line-up on the Lewiston bridge but got through customs without a hitch.  Once W was dropped at airport we headed back to explore the area around Niagara Falls, New York.  We had never been there before.

We travelled to the Niagara State park where we looked for a parking spot.  The lots were full so we went up the street and found a FREE parking spot that gave us 2 hours.  We went to the official travel centre where D H found information about New York which we hope to use when travel through to Boston in 14 days time.

We walked into the park and crossed over to Gull Island.  There are some wonderful paths as well as some guides about the area.  We also walked on the pedestrian bridge and saw Prospect point. The view of the falls of course are very different from the Canadian side because the falls actually start on the American side. We were expecting a noisier spot however we saw some great views and another perspective.  D H of course took his usual amount of pictures.  Here is what we saw:



IMG_0528 Stitch





IMG_0549 Stitch


There are many more pictures which I will save for another day.