Thursday, June 21, 2012



Sorry this post is late today.  I have just returned from a 2 day trip to Ottawa to visit my parents.  H and E came with me. To say my parents appreciated the visit is an understatement.  They were thrilled to see E, our 20 month tornado.  He reminds my mother of my brother who got into everything as well.  The residents in their building were in a state of shock after E went visiting.  He explored every nook and cranny and the residents could turn down their hearing aids.

E was amazing on the trip.  I had to change our tactics and found different places to stop compared to our usual run in/ run out bathroom breaks.  E needed a place to run out of steam for a nap in the car.  He was kept occupied with his i-pad watching “Lion King” and “Cars”.  I also discovered that my new cellphone charger is universal and can charge a kindle and an i-pad as well.

D H enjoyed his quiet time and managed to tidy up the cold storage room.  So I can honestly say we are 4 generations – Greats, grandparents, parents and kids and we are all thriving.