Thursday, June 14, 2012



We are 26 days away from our long cruise this summer.  Our daughter and her family are finally going to arrive.  We have a bridal shower on Saturday for my niece who will get married a week after we return from our cruise.  I have a final retirement meeting and we still have our ballroom dance classes on our list of things to get done.

We can cross off our trip to see my parents for Father’s Day.  We can look forward to our daughter-in-law M getting her cast off a week ahead of schedule.  She also got a lighter cast so the weight is off of her shoulder.

I watched our granddaughters thriving this week as I babysat them on Tuesday.  E is graduating from Montessori school knowing her letters and writing them  She is using them to make words and writes them down.  She also finished her gymnastic classes where she excels at tumbling and back bridges.  She also impressed her Aunt C with her skills on climbing rope. F is no longer a baby. She is walking and talking and has a mind of her own. She moves up the street on her little red car and says “Hi” to everyone she meets. They make their Grammy so proud.

To my friends I work I wonder how I ever had the time to do everything that I do now.  I have changed my focus on what is important and work towards thriving without a job. Hopefully your opportunities will be as wonderful as mine are.