Saturday, June 23, 2012


The week is almost over.  What a list of things that have been accomplished this week! I had my last meeting of the Retiree group on Monday.  There are no summer meetings and we had a potluck lunch.  The tables were groaning there was so much food. Bell people have always managed to throw great parties.  The group has plans for a lot of trips next year.  D H and I hope to join them on a trip to a casino followed by a cruise and dinner. This is a wonderful group of former workers and I am so glad I joined.

Of course you have heard of the fabulous trip to see my parents if you read my Thursday blog. I am really satisfied that E had been able to call me “Mama” and is easily recognized  from “Mum Mum”. Who was is said “There’s no sitting in babysitting”?  That is certainly true.  The up side is that I am not feeling any painful muscles and I can now lift all 36 pounds of E without collapsing.

The other advantage of the drive was the quality time I spent with my daughter H.  It has been a long time since we had mother/daughter talks. I spend so much time with C and sometimes feel like H gets left out. H also got to spend time with her grandmother and reconnected as well.  Since H is the first granddaughter she was closest to my mother. As my mother says “ She practiced her grandmother skills on H first.”

I did get to spend a “little” quality time with D H last night.  We attended a one-year memorial for Sasha. What wonderful work this group is doing to bring awareness of mental health to the forefront. Their website is A lot has been accomplished in only a short space of time. Thank you to my sister B and my niece P for their hard work.

Today is our girls’ brunch in honour of R’s birthday. The boys will get to stay home and play in the park. We will also plan our busy week to come.  I am so glad I am retired so that I am able to spend such wonderful time with my family.  It has been one of my better decisions.