Tuesday, June 12, 2012



When someone talks about travelling I think about trips of major proportions do you? However as my daughter will tell you some of the best vacations can be Staycations.  The family has the opportunity to visit their own backyard so to speak. Because of the delayed travel plans that is exactly what my daughter’s family is doing. They have been exploring the local parks to keep the grandchildren occupied.

How many attractions are listed in your home town?  How many of them have you actually visited yourself? Do you only go when someone from out of town comes to visit?

Now that D H and I are retired we like to take advantage of our wonderful city and explore the many attractions we have. Since we live within walking distance of the beach it is a great place to walk and visit.  Yesterday it was so warm in the city however by the water was about 10 degrees cooler. We also got the breeze from the lake and a chance to see the city from a different angle.


Our walks to the grocery store are also adventures as we check out different streets.  We love to see the improvements that people make on their homes.  We have a beautiful neighbourhood. So even if your travel plans don’t include exotic places keep an open mind about your backyard and Enjoy!!