Tuesday, June 19, 2012



H’s family has finally arrived for their summer vacation. W, L and R have gone camping for a few days so H and E are going to go and visit Grandma and Pompa in Ottawa. Originally we were going try for our usual up and back in one day however saner heads prevailed. A one day trip requires a 6 am start and since it is hard to get a baby moving that early we have opted for an overnight stay.  We are now leaving after 9am to avoid the usual rush hour traffic.

We will have a picnic lunch at one of our rest stops.  Hopefully we can run E for a few minutes so he will be a happy camper and be pleasant when we arrive.  Great Grandma is anxious to see E and wants to baby proof their apartment. It won’t take long for E to clear his space as he is curious about everything. It has been a year since their last visit.

While we are away D H will enjoy another quiet day on his own.  He will continue to plan for our long trip which is coming up in just 20 days.  I hope you have been following our countdown as well.