Thursday, June 7, 2012



The plans keep being updated.  Thank goodness for flexibility.  H’s family has been delayed by a week  and will start for Canada next week.  In the meantime they are using their time to bond as a family.  The boys are enjoying their father W’s attention and lots of trips to the parks.

In the meantime Grampy and I can update our home for the gathering of the clan.  Everything under 4 feet is being put away or put higher.  Toys that are not suitable for little hands have also found their way out of the toy bin.  We have no babies so those toys will also go away.  Hopefully they can come back when there are more young ones.

D H and I have also had time to catch our breath.  We have gotten our haircuts and the weeds in the garden have also been cut. There are only 32 days until our big cruise as you can see on the countdown clock.  I think it is time to start packing or is it too early?

I have to ask where the time has gone and how did I ever manage to work and still get everything done.  I did with a lot of stress now we can take our time and smell the roses which are gorgeous.

Our plans are thriving even they are not the original plans.  Our gardens is thriving and my retirement is thriving.