Saturday, June 2, 2012



How satisfying has this week been? D H and I have spent the week with our daughter H and her family. We have enjoyed the sunshine and the warm temperatures. However we also had rain and thunderstorms.  We never made it to the pool.

The grandsons have kept us entertained with their antics.  L got a fir engine bed and the battle for sharing began.  E also wants the bed however non one sleeps in it.  E has his own personality and definitely a mind of his own.  L is using more words and we can understand him better.

Our beautiful granddaughter R is maturing into a wonderful young lady.  She received her first corsage and her boyfriend picked her up and brought her home from the dance.  He even danced.


our son-in-law W has finally started his sabbatical.  He did not go to work for 3 whole days. He is ready to start his vacation in Canada as soon as H has finished her blogging conference and the license plate for the car comes in.

D H is sharing the computer with me.  While he uses it I read.  So far I have read 7 books.  The good news is I didn’t buy them or borrow them from the library.  H has been saving them for me.

It has been a satisfactory week as we head home tomorrow.