Tuesday, June 5, 2012



We have returned home.  We are looking forward to our next trip however in the meantime we have a lot to do to get ready. Our trip back was uneventful although we certainly noticed the changes to the weather.  We left Charleston with its bright sunshine and humidity and returned to spring-like conditions.  In Charleston we went to the mall to walk in the air conditioning to keep cool.  In Grove City Pennsylvania we went into the stores to get warm.

The driving is great.  We put the car on cruise control so we won;t be tempted to speed.  Good thing because the police were everywhere.  We even saw a takedown at the Virginia Welcome Centre with police from both North Carolina and Virginia. The police seem to come from every direction.  We don’t know why they pulled the van over but the police were very active checking it.

We also noticed the difference in the gardens along the way.  The further south the more blooms.  Kudos to the North Carolina Welcome Centre for their beautiful display of yellow lillies. We also stopped at the New River Gorge Centre where we walked down the 158 steps for the view of the bridge.  Of course we got a cardio work-out coming up.

Here are some of the pictures D H took:



IMG_0460 Stitch




IMG_0469 Stitch

We are glad to be home however we look forward to our next travel adventure. Coming soon!