Saturday, September 1, 2012



It is always great fun planning a cruise.  The anticipation is stimulating however coming down from a cruise takes almost as much time. I can finally say I am back to a more normal life – whatever normal is. I think it should have taken 35 days to get back to normal except that I would be on my next trip by then.

What is normal?  We are back to walking to the grocery store as well as along the beach boardwalk.  We are dancing with the usual crowd who also back from their summer exploits.  We are doing laundry on a regular basis rather than as we needed it and includes the sheets and towels.  I am reading less and knitting more.  I finished a pair of socks for F and started on a pair for E.  I also finished 2 baby blankets that have already been spoken for.

We are scheduling our visits with our friends.  It will be so good to see them and have a conversation face to face instead of by e-mail.  I also have some phone calls to make to get back in touch with some of my girlfriends.  Maybe we can get together for lunch.

DH has the weeds in the garden under control and we are looking forward to sitting outside as the weather gets a little cooler. He is starting to think about landscaping his garden for next year. DH is also starting to research the cruise that we are taking in February although I haven’t started anticipating it yet.

We are happy to be home! Have a great long weekend everyone!