Saturday, September 8, 2012



The rain is finally here.  The weatherman promised it on Thursday which of course didn’t happen.  So now on Saturday when everyone is off work we get the rain. I hope it doesn’t interfere with our weekend plans.  Since everyone is back to school and work we are back to some busy weekends.  Only our retired friends are available through the week.

Today is my granddaughter’s E last Soccer Day.  They are to play and then have a small banquet where all of the participants get awards.  They have already scheduled it for later so hopefully she won’t get too wet.  The rain also kept my oldest granddaughter R away from her her first tail-gate party. That is so disappointing.

I am getting spoiled by the wonderful weather we have been enjoying.  I am not ready for Fall to arrive although I do love the colouring of the leaves as well as the cooler weather.  I like to bake and can’t do that when it is so hot. Of course I also eat the baked goods so I will have to up my exercise program.

So I guess we will be working in the rain today.  I’ll grab the raincoat and umbrella and enjoy the day of “ liquid sunshine” as the Irish say.  Hope you enjoy yours as well.