Saturday, September 15, 2012




If I had known retirement was going to be this easy I would have done it sooner.  Of course it wouldn’t be this easy if I hadn’t also worked for it.  I would not have been able to afford it otherwise.

It is amazing how I have time for the things I love to do.  I am knitting as well as crocheting.  I hope my grandchildren like funky socks.  The baby afghans continue to go out the door.  I bought more wool this week at a store closing sale.  Even D H knows it will be used up.

I also have time to read and am enjoying all the books I have found.  I love visiting the library and catching up on the new authors as well as sharing books with family and friends.

I am not neglecting my exercises.  D H and I have some interesting walks and we love the cooler weather to do it in. We are looking forward to more dancing lessons as well. We are learning more Argentine Tango this term.

Of course the time I can spend with my family is the most precious of all.  My mother always said that the best reward for raising your children were the grandchildren. Today is extra special because it is my oldest grandson’s 6th birthday.  He is excited to be having a Construction party at the beach.  I am sorry I will be missing it although we will see him next month.

I have also added blogging to my list of new experiences and I just love reading about other people and I thrilled to share their experiences and especially their pictures.

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone looks as forward to retirement as I did.