Thursday, September 13, 2012



I took a big leap forward today.  I ordered new glasses.  The ones I have been wearing are almost 8 years old.  Even the optometrist was excited with the change.  My glasses can no longer be fixed.  The parts are no longer available.  I have stepped into the 21st century and went to Transition glasses which are plastic instead of glass.  I will still have one pair of glasses because they will change with the sunlight.

I also took advantage of the closing of the Zeller’s store at the mall and purchased some more baby wool.  Surprisingly enough I have had 4 afghans go out the door in just 2 weeks.  It seems as fast as I make them I need them.

We have also made the arrangements for our trip to Charleston South Carolina next month.  My sister and daughter have been able to get the time off work as well.  The hotels have been reserved for the trip down and back. We also have plans for different excursions so it will be a very busy week.

Next week I will be going to my retiree meetings and visiting with some of my fellow workers.  I am looking forward to seeing them  We also had an extremely pleasant lunch yesterday with our friend Bev.  We were comparing our trips this summer and are looking forward to our future trips.

It really is wonderful being retired and I recommend it to everyone. Being prepared is very important because it is a life changing event.