Monday, September 24, 2012



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Tuesday, Sept. 24th Topic: Back To School!

The Kids have been back into the school routine for weeks now: How ya doing mom? All systems go? Can open, worms everywhere? Tell me about it.

Or, tell me what you would study if YOU went back to school.

It has been a long time since I have had kids go back  to school. My oldest is 36 and my youngest is 34. I have 3 grandchildren who are in school.  My eldest is in her first year of high school.  My grandson is starting kindergarten and my other granddaughter is in junior kindergarten. For me having the children in school means that I don’t talk to them as often and basically see very little of them.

Now that I am retired I am not sure I would go back to school however I am learning new things every day.  Maybe I am just attending “the school of life”. I have an appreciation for the beauty of nature. I love communicating with bloggers which is new to me. I enjoy spending quality time with D H. We share this blog since he is my photographer.

I wonder how I had time fitting in the exercises and the “me” time while I was working. The only thing I miss is the wonderful people I worked with.  They made going in to work worthwhile. I don’t miss the 5:30 am get up and have even managed a few sleep- ins to 8 am.

I would love to learn more about travelling since I am addicted to cruising.  I am still learning ballroom dancing and I even learned a new card game called “hand and foot” which I am now teaching my children and grandchildren.

Back to school has brought back our Retirement groups which were closed down for the summer.  Everyone is getting back into volunteering and sharing ideas for the future. The street is a lot quieter since the children are not playing outside.

I am reading a lot more books and have chosen varied authors to read. I used to read mostly romance novels because I could pick them up and put them down.  They were in paperback form so I could read on the subway.  Now I have even read some hardcover books.

To those who are catching school buses, making lunches and sitting around the dining room table with homework all over I can only say that eventually you can be in my place.