Tuesday, September 11, 2012



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The topic is: Tips

I am going to take a slightly different spin on the term TIPS.  When we were on the cruise there is an automatic tip of $11.50 per person per day charged to your ship board account.  This tip is spread out to your cabin stewards, waiters and the rest of the crew such as the people who cook the food and do the laundry.  It is also paid out to the staff who diligently clean the ship.

I have found this to me an excellent way to manage our account on the ship.  We don’t have to make up envelopes individually.  We also don’t need a lot of cash on hand since we can pay it on our credit card at the end of the cruise. Yes it is an expense which should be calculated into the cost of travelling however you do that when you go out for a meal.

I still have to tip the porters who carry our luggage in and out of the ship.  If your really nice to them they will even get you to the front of the taxi line. That convenience is worth the money you save in time.

How do you tip when you go out?