Thursday, September 6, 2012



Today was supposed to rain.  Yesterday we drove to Ottawa for my Mother’s birthday.  Thank you for your wonderful comments.  We had a birthday lunch for her.  We had diabetic cake and ice cream and the staff at the retirement home led us in the singing of “Happy Birthday”.  It was a wonderful day and my mother went out of her way to look fabulous. 

I woke this morning expecting rain however the sun fooled the weatherman and we are enjoying an extended summer day. So instead of writing my blog earlier today I recuperated from getting up early and driving yesterday. After lunch D H and I took a walk to the beach.  The birds are not singing anymore however the ducks are still paddling and the seagulls are still around.

To show our beautiful un-rainy day D H took these pictures:


One of the many advantages of being retired and not on a schedule is the opportunity to be spontaneous and enjoy the day.  I hope you enjoy yours as well.