Monday, September 17, 2012



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Today’s topic is :

Men....and the Women Who Blog About Them.

I am the blogger in the family however the man who supports this endeavour is my dear husband .  I nearly threw this man away.  I was very young and immature at the time and thought he was not “Mr. Right”.  We met up again a year later and I was able to see the gem in the rock.

We have been married for almost 40 years and have 3 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren.  We are both retired now and enjoying our time together.  He is my Prince Charming and I am definitely the Princess.  He does the cooking,some cleaning and taking care of me.  The only thing I do is the laundry and even then he carries and fetches the clothes for me.

D H is a very handy man.  We bought our first house 36 years ago and have spent all of that time fixing it up.  I love home improvement shows so I give him lots of ideas to work with.  Some men are car junkies whereas D H is a house junkie.  He also does all of the gardening as well.  I support him in all of his projects. We could barley afford the house when we moved in and now it is supporting us in our retirement.

Over the years we have grown to share a lot of our interests.  Dancing has always been a love for both of us.  When we became empty-nesters we took ballroom dance lessons.  When  we cruise we chose a cruise line that afforded us lots of opportunities to dance.  We are still taking lessons because we love the teachers and have got a good class of people who have been taking lessons as long as we have.

D H has a BA in forestry and we have developed a love of parks and conservation areas. I am still the names of some of the trees but the walking and hiking is fabulous. D H is my photographer although he calls himself a picture-taker. I think he does an amazing job.

I can’t say anything bad about D H and we are as in love today as we were 40 years ago.  There a few good men around and I was lucky enough to find the Best.