Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Yes we have about a month of staying home however we will stay make a few day trips.  We are off to Ottawa tomorrow for my Mother’s birthday. We are also meeting my friend Bev for lunch in Barrie next week.  We also have a  bus trip with the Retirement group to the Casino at the end of the month. We are also going to Grimsby to see Mike and Nancy’s new home.

Being retired is great.  I love the chance to do trips during the week instead of on weekends.  Traffic is lighter and the kids are in school. There are so many places close to home.

Hopefully the weather will cool down and we get some more walking in.  Also on these short trips we can see the fall colours.  Hopefully D H will add to his picture collection.

We are also putting together the plans for our next trip away from home.  Back to Charleston to see the grandchildren.  We are expanding our group and taking my sister Barb and our daughter Catherine.  Should be a fun and noisy time.

Whatever your plans for September are I hope they are fun.