Thursday, October 18, 2012



Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP!
Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN!

1. Where do you hide junk when people come over?

We hide our junk in the basement.

2. Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?

Actually they turn me off. I have been a staunch party supporter and probably will not change my ways.

3. What's your favourite holiday party to host?

For years I held a Christmas Open House when all of the neighbours came over before Christmas.

4. You go to an island with your husband and can only take one personal item. What is it?

It would probably be the computer since we blog and keep our pictures on it.

5. If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?

My husband is a pacifist and barely kills a fly.

Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop



Welcome to the  weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop!


This week’s statements:

1. If only my grandchildren lived closer then I could spend more time with them.

2. When I was little I was the oldest of four children and therefore I was very bossy.

3. I think Hallowe’en is for the children.

4. I feel happiest when I am cruising with my husband.