Tuesday, October 16, 2012



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Tuesday, Oct. 16th Topic:

Dress Rory

I am going to a Blog Conference! And I have donated my pants. And sweaters. What shall I wear? I also have 2 parties: 80s Theme and 50 Shade of Grey Theme. Your Mission? Get Thee to Thy Pinterest Boards and find me something to wear.

I am retired now so I do not keep up fashion. I do live in Toronto so I can help you dress for your visit.  I recommend layering because our days can be warm however the nights will cool.  Toronto is a weather bubble because we are on the shore of Lake Ontario. We don’t see frost or snow as early as those who live north of Toronto.

I would recommend a raincoat f you go walking even though it might not rain. The coat will keep you warm.  I wear a “Totes” raincoat for my walks.  I even bought it in the States.

I have never been to a”blogging” conference but I think Business casual is probably the choice to make. Definitely go with “Mix and Match”. As for the 80’s theme I think I missed it.  I was the SAHM then  so I wore the jogging suits. I also haven’t read “50 Shades of grey” although my daughter is reading it on her blackberry and was very engrossed on our trip down to Charleston.

Have a great time at your blogging conference.