Tuesday, October 23, 2012



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Tuesday, Oct. 23rd Topic:

Random Thoughts

How Time Flies

I have been retired for 9 and 1/2 months. I know I have done 2 cruises this year and of course have plans for 3 more next year. These are incredible trips which DH and I could not have taken during our working years. Most of our early vacations were at the cottage or we stayed home with the kids. I feel blessed that we can enjoy these wonderful trips. We have our health if not wealth.

Besides the cruises we have had trips to see my parents in Ottawa and of course trips to Charleston to see H’s family. It is amazing how fast the grandchildren are growing. R is as tall as H and is maturing into a beautiful young lady. Her maturity is showing. L is catching on at school and his talking is clear. He is also writing and reading. He is taking more events in stride. E is a 2 year old who knows what he wants and goes after it. He too is starting to talk and be understood. Both boys have incredible laughs that make my heart tingle. I am especially proud of H and W. They are blogging and enjoying their family time.

Daughter C and her husband P have settled nicely in their townhouse and are working hard at their jobs. Even though they find them challenging they are doing well. We enjoyed our week away together. Sorry P could not join us. Maybe another time.

Not to be outdone son M and wife M have managed to move to a new home and settle into a viable work routine.  It is a pleasure to visit the girls E and F. E is doing extremely well at school. She reads to us when we babysit. Sometimes she will phone me and read to me.  F is starting to use words instead of gestures and wants to do everything E does. She is small but mighty.

My parents have had their own challenges this year. They are both one year older and want to rest more. I wish I could be more help to them. Thanks to Skype I can keep in touch every day.

I am knitting hats, mitts, socks and sweaters as well as making my famous baby blankets. I also have read more books this year than I did in the last 3 years. F has completed the scrapbook for our 35 day cruise and it is awesome. He is also contemplating some projects around the house. We will try to fit them in but so far the schedule doesn’t support it.

My goodness when I turn my thoughts on I certainly can ramble. This looks like it could be my Christmas letter to family and friends. I am already thinking about writing my cards and what gifts I should be buying for everyone and the snow hasn’t even started to fly around.

I am going to turn off this brain for now. I will keep my other thoughts for another day.