Friday, October 12, 2012




Thanks to CallMeCate for hosting Six Word Saturday. This weeks words are:

Do I Really Have to Grow-up!!!

We are always being told to act our age. Age is just a number and if I add my 2 digits I get the #6. I want to act like I am 6.  I want to jump in puddles after it rains. I want to slide down the slide and swing in the swings. I want to teeter and totter. Can I play in the sandbox and make castles. What about mud pies? Should we let our outer body restrict us because we walk a little slower?

I still love to colour and I don’t always want to stay in the lines. I want to have a purple princess and a green prince. Does it really matter if my horse is blue and the carriage is red?

I asked the question “What is a childlike activity you like to do?’ on my Monday blog. The answers I got were incredible.  I would like to thank all of my blogger followers for their terrific responses.

As you read I love my grandchildren and they love it when I play with them. I made not run as fast but I can play Tag. I count slowly and take my time finding the hiding spots in Hide and Go Seek. I praise their artwork and hang it on my fridge.

My grandchildren keep young and don’t think of me as old. Thank goodness I don’t have to grow-up to play with them.

Enjoy being young and don’t give up child’s play because we are all young at heart.