Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Coffee Chat

Tuesday, Oct. 30th Topic:

Trick or Treat!

What is the greatest prank ever pulled? Either done by you, done to you...or just really impressive.


Share your favourite Halloween recipe. Spooky spider cookies? Ghoulish goulash? Or even how you eat your pumpkin seeds. You do eat the seeds, right?

I got a later start today. I think nature has pulled the greatest trick on us. We were lucky that we had very little damage from the hurricane. We still have power and my decorations have a new twist thanks to the wind.

Yes! I love pumpkins seeds. When the children were little we would roast them in the oven with a little oil and then add salt. We don’t carve a pumpkin anymore so we eat them when we have trail mix.

The best prank we ever pulled was on our former neighbours. They were from Newfoundland. They were discussing fur coats and F said that the best coats were Parish lamb (persian lamb). I found an old persian lamb coat and sewed a little coat from it.  We then boxed it and sent a covering letter describing the coat as a sample and could make any size they needed. We took the box to the post office and sent it through the mail. The funny part is our neighbour was a postie. He had to pick up the package.

We all still have a laugh over the Parish lamb coat sample.Have a great Halloween everyone and stay safe!!!