Thursday, October 18, 2012



Pondering with a Purpose – Actions

Think on Thursday

Thanks to Brenda for this blog.

Everyone has heard the expression “Actions speak louder then Words” and I am sure most people live by it.

It is the little things in life that are important. Common courtesy is always welcome. Opening doors for everyone. Waiting in line and not pushing ahead. Sharing good news and complimenting others. I really prefer Good news stories to all of the bad news on TV or in the paper.

It makes me smile to see young children at play and sharing their toys. I love to hear their laughter. It is wonderful to watch their faces when they get a new concept. I want to giggle right along with them.

Besides watching the young we can also watch the actions of the older generation. They inspire me to achieve greatness. My parents lived through the depression, a war and have worked hard to provide for their children. Now that they are in a retirement home I enjoy hearing about their days.

Lastly spending time with my family is the best time of my life. D H and I travelling with our daughter and my sister to spend time with H’s family and it is great fun.

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