Saturday, October 27, 2012




Thanks to CallMeCate for hosting Six Word Saturday. This weeks words are:

I am glad to knit again!

I started to knit when I was a young girl. My Dad actually taught me to knit. My mother taught me the fancy stitches and my aunt gave me lots of incentives. I made afghans for all of the girls and socks for all the boys for Christmas one year. I even made broomstick lace shawls one year.

I have a collection of knitting books that date back to my Grandmother’s era as well as some of her knitting needles. I collected everything to do with knitting. When I broke my leg 25 years ago I was off work for 17 weeks and during that time I made 17 sweaters. The sad part was I didn’t buy one ball of wool as I had everything in the house already. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with “drummer’s thumb” which is an injury from doing repetitive work so I put away my knitting and took up crocheting.

It took me 2 years to dispose of all of the wool I had accumulated and replace it with baby wool for my special baby blankets. I did not get rid of my patterns or my needles.

On the cruise we took this summer I travelled with a group of knitters. They frequented the wool shops in all of the countries we visited. My thoughts towards knitting were reborn. I came home with renewed vigour and my thumbs are working well.

I am using some funky wool that I found and have made sweaters, socks and mitts for my grandchildren as well my niece and daughter. When I need a break I still have my crocheting to fall back on.

My husband always knew when life was good because I had my knitting out.

I am glad to be knitting again.