Thursday, October 11, 2012



Pondering with a Purpose – history
Think on Thursday

Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering with a Purpose

I love history.  I love reading about it and I particularly like living it. On our travels D H and I find a lot of history.  I find it fascinating to hear the explanations and see into the past.

On our visit to Pompeii we saw the remains of the old city. In a lot of ways it was eerie seeing the mother and child frozen in time.  We are also found the brothel and the streets were rutted by the chariot wheels.

This summer we took in the history of the Adams family in Quincy Mass. Talk about survival. While John was in Europe as a diplomat Abigail preserved the family home. She saw the battle of Bunker Hill from her front lawn. She made musket balls for the army and made money from the stuff John sent to her from Europe.  She also managed a farm as well as raise the children.

Of course on our last cruise we saw the history of Iceland where the land has been shaped by volcanoes. In Norway we got a glimpse of their Viking heritage. In England we saw where the Titanic and the QE2 were launched as well as an 11th century church. You don’t have to go far to find history.

I also love family history. One of the things about blogging is that we share our thoughts and our families keep abreast of what is going on.  The blog is a diary of history in the making. The pictures we take allow us to remember events that will never occur again.

One of the things I have learned is how precious these memories can be. I look at my father who has Alzheimer's and has lost his present memory. He looks at the picture albums every day and still remembers the names of all the children in his class however he can’t remember his grandchildren or great grandchildren. D H and I visited with him this week and brought 2 shoeboxes full of pictures. As he looked through them he remember being at the events.Keep your pictures because you will never look the same again.

My mother has written her memoirs and given the book to all of the family. She has shared her trials and tribulations that have made the woman she is today. She is a role model to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She is scrapbooking the letters she has received from her grandchildren as well. I hope my daughter will write a book from her blog because she writes a very entertaining blog as well.

As the History channel says “History is made every day”. And I concur. Live it! Love it! Remember it!